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Effortless chic postpartum style plus a giveaway with some amazing fall boots

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Baby Ezra is three months old today. And fall is here! So much goodness in my world. I love dressing for fall and I’m looking forward to a change in my wardrobe along with the change in the weather. The postpartum wardrobe is a big challenge for many new mammas. For me, it takes a good six months for my body to get back to normal, or as normal as it will be after carrying my two little miracles. I’m so excited to be working with Ariat on this post sharing my postpartum style after baby.

I wasn’t expecting to still have a bit of a tummy after B was born and was shocked. I didn’t buy any “in between” clothes so was stuck with my prebaby clothes and maternity clothes and absolutely no time to shop. I knew better this time around and stocked up on flowy blouses, oversized sweaters and button up shirts that are nursing friendly.

I’m just three months postpartum and while my body is slowly getting back in shape, I’m not there yet. My jeans finally fit, but I can’t wear most of my shirts, plus as a busy nursing mom of two boys, I like really easy clothes and footwear that go from running errands to park play dates to dinner at nice restaurants with my little ones and husband.

My current favorite outfit includes skinny jeans, an oversized sweater, a large diaper bag, sunglasses, a watch and bracelet plus a bold necklace and my Ariat Bristol boots.

These boots are perfect for fall and especially for a busy mama. The Bristol style boots in java are the perfect mix of comfortable, casual and chic. And the color is a deep dark brown making them perfect for nearly any outfit. Plus they are comfortable which is a must for any busy mama on the go. (more…)

Friday features

We’ve been so lucky to get some great press lately for our parties and projects. I thought I’d share them all in a Friday features roundup. 

Better Homes and Gardens featured our DIY gold striped table runner in their Fall Home Tour under “12 tabletop ideas to get you ready for Fall!”

I shared my top five postpartum must haves over on Momtastic this week. You can see all of my work for Momtastic as well.

100 Layer Cakelet featured Bodhi’s dinosaur party cake. And Minnesota Parent Magazine featured his party in the hard copy magazine as well.

Hello Wonderful featured our DIY Mod Modge canvas tutorial featuring a photo of Bodhi in Washington D.C.

BabyShower.com featured the Cue the Confetti party I worked on with my friend Cassie and Celebrations at Home also featured our free printable.

 Cafe Mom’s The Stir featured our DIY bow tie party favors from Bodhi’s first birthday.

Brit+Co featured Bodhi’s paper lantern cluster that we still have in his big boy room.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Fancy free find for kids (a free holiday gift for children, perhaps?)

I came across some free coloring sheets on Made by Joel one day last week. Maybe I’m late to the game, but the coloring sheets were so fun!

Then as I explored the website I found these amazing paper cities including Paris, Sidney, a camping scene, dinosaur world and a Nativity Scene (perfect for Christmas for those who celebrate). (more…)

Planning for fall family photos with clothes we already own

Big Brother: Beanie Vest | Button-up shirt | Jeans | Nike high top shoes | Bracelet
Little Brother: Knit hat | Chambray shirt | Mint and Navy Wolf T | Striped leggings | Booties

We scored an awesome deal on fall family photos through a fundraiser for Nora’s Network. I love any excuse to get professional photos of my little ones and this deal was too good to pass up. But since I recently had newborn photos taken and we have plans for a winter family session, I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on our clothes. I’m sharing a cozy and casual look for both boys over on Oh Boy Style today and every item is something we have in our house already or something similar in our home. (more…)

FIVE reasons why every parent should get parental leave after a baby or child joins a family

My husband had six weeks of paternity leave after Ezra was born… six uninterrupted weeks of family time, something we may never get again. It was amazing. And I’m sad that most new parents don’t get this time.

First, I want to acknowledge the fact that even maternity leave is pretty weak in this country. I’ve heard of moms recently who are going back to work at six weeks or sooner. I’m very aware of this challenge and am not denying it at all. I’m also not going to write about that right now. It’s something that is pretty obvious when you compare the United States to any European country or Canada. Here is a good article that addresses this. 

This post is simply based on my experience having my husband and supporter around during the tough first few weeks postpartum and how that compared to our first weeks with our first child with no parental leave. While I’m mostly sharing reasons this is important after a baby is born or adopted, I believe this is important after older children join a family as well.  (more…)

How I’m keeping my bucket list going in this season of life

As a mama of two boys, my life bucket list has evolved a bit over the past few years. It still includes beach vacations, trips to Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, but now I think of all the things I want my boys to see as well. Bodhi has been begging to go to Africa on a safari and to South Africa to see cape buffalo. He also wants to see bison running in Yellowstone National Park. OK, sweet boy, we will make it happen!

After our trip to Sri Lanka in January (while pregnant and traveling with a 2.5 year-old child) Bodhi had a very big interest in traveling more. I’m fairly certain he was meant to be a world traveler. At two and a half years old, he was a total rock star on two 36 hour legs of travel. He had one massive meltdown on our way home at London Heathrow airport, but we were lucky enough to have access to an airline lounge that served food and had showers, bathrooms and reclining chairs for rest. A nap was all he needed.

Do you have a bucket list?

I think most of us have a bucket list, a list of all the things we want to see, do or experience in our lifetime. Maybe yours isn’t on paper yet, but it probably exists. Some bucket list things could be simple like taking my boys on a crunchy walk every fall which is basically hiking in fall with crunchy leaves under our feet. Some may be very aspirational (start a nonprofit that fixes cars for low-income families—cars breaking down is the worst, right?). (more…)

How having low or no expectations of things has changed my life for the better

I may have anywhere from five minutes to three hours to write this post. Ezra is finally sleeping for longer than 20 minutes after some sleep regression this past week. I mentioned it a bit more in yesterday’s post.

I’ve been wanting to share my thoughts on expectations for a few weeks. For the first time in my life, my expectations of how things should go are low. I’ve had a baby before and I know that very little will be “accomplished” each day, yet SO much will get done (diapers, feedings, cuddles, rocking to sleep and more). My to-do list will always be three typed single-spaced pages long (or at least until Ezra turns two). And I’m ok with this. That’s a lie. It’s a struggle. Every. Single. Day. But I know it’s the reality and I will eventually come to terms with it.  (more…)

Ezra is TWO months old

Ezra is already TWO months old. In some ways I’m really sad about how quickly time seems to be going by. In other ways, I’m really looking forward to a true date night sometime in the next six months (gosh, I hope it’s sooner, but this boy needs to take a bottle first) and our fifth anniversary trip my husband and I originally planned for October, but with a baby who won’t take a bottle, we’ve rescheduled for January/February. We will try to escape for one night if somehow the baby miraculously takes a bottle in the next month though.

Today I want to share a few of our comparison photos of Ezra. I have taken three versions because I just can’t decide which one I want to do most. Since they are all easy, I’ll probably keep doing all of them. :) He’s super smiley these days, but of course, the second I put my camera up he gets the most serious faces. Such is life. (more…)

A back-to-preschool look for boys

Hello and happy Friday! I’m still enjoying maternity leave with my new baby and Bodhi has the week off so it’s been especially busy. I’m hoping to post much more often in the coming weeks. Today, I’m sharing a casual and very practical back-to-preschool look for boys over on Oh Boy Style!

Style #8 Back to preschool. Oh Boy Style

Hi Hat | School supply Baseball shirt | Backpack | Orange sweatpants | Blue velcro Nike shoes

Swing by Oh Boy Style for the details and why I chose what I chose.