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Autumn wedding inspiration: Neutral with pops of fall colors

I had a Fall wedding five years ago this October. So, the crisp autumn weather, the smells, sights and sounds plus the warm colors that make fall weddings lovely all hold a special place in my heart.

My cousin is planning her wedding for sometime next year. I put together a pretty rose gold inspired look earlier this summer for her wedding in case she decides on a summer wedding. She doesn’t have a date yet, but if it did end up being a fall wedding, I love the idea of warm ivory and neutral tones mixed with pops of fall colors in the flowers, shoes and centerpieces. (more…)

Back to School: Boys backpacks for all budgets and styles

Bodhi starts preschool again in two weeks. The photo above is Bodhi last year at the start of the year and this summer at the end of his first year. I get teary looking at how much he changed in just one year.

This year I’m doing most of my “school shopping” online just to save time since baby Ezra refuses to take a bottle (so leaving him for time out of the house isn’t easy). But, my big boy is starting to have some serious opinions about his clothes and shoes making it difficult to get him dressed the way I’d like. ;) I asked my mom to come visit us next week so she can watch Ezra a bit and I can take Bodhi shopping for a few important things. He cares most about a cool backpack. I decided to do a little online shopping before we hit the stores so I can target shops a bit to save time. Here are my favorite boys backpacks for all budgets and styles.

Which is your favorite? I’m stuck between the Pottery Barn Kids personalized backpacks (just for ease at school-things tend to get mixed up), specifically the striped version or the dinosaur one and the stylish but maybe a bit too mature Herschel Supply Co. backpack in navy and red. And while I didn’t include any of these J.Crew options just because the prices are a bit higher, I am in LOVE with them.

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Bodhi’s dinosaur third birthday party FEATURED

Hello and happy Monday! Bodhi’s dinosaur third birthday party is featured in the hard copy of the August issue of Minnesota Parent Magazine! Pretty exciting. Copies are available throughout the state or you can read more online. Check out page 30. :)

The birthday cake was also featured on 100 Layer Cakelet last week.  And yes, this was the store-bought cake with a store-bought cake topper. I’ll take it! :)

I’m working on a blog post about expectations that I can’t wait to share, but for now, I have about five minutes of peaceful coffee-drinking bliss before the new little mister will be awake.

Cheers to a new week!

A few fun picks for fall from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends in three days. I LOVE this sale as you can score some killer deals on items that just don’t go on sale all that often. Here are a few of my favorite things I found in the sale, most with a bit of autumn flare.

I may be snatching the red chucks for Bodhi yet today and need to figure out who to get the ridiculously low-priced Skip Hop Diaper Bag for. It gets rave reviews, but I already have two, so I can’t justify it. I also LOVE the orange knit hoodie and want it for Ezra for our trip to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch in October. Free shipping and free returns! Can’t beat that. Have a great weekend!

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Life with Ezra, our lifestyle photo session and doing more knowing our child is safe

My experience with a second baby has been wonderful so far. Ezra has been a pretty chill, content little guy for the most part. He doesn’t mind napping in his crib as long as he’s swaddled. He has even fallen asleep without any help multiple times already which makes me one very happy mama. And even night sleep is ok. It’s not wonderful by any means, but it’s not terrible either. I’m excited to share a few of our family lifestyle session photos by Leah Fontaine Photography with you today and a few thoughts on life with two children.

Life with two has been a really positive change and transition for my husband and I. Yes, we’re busier. Yes, we’re more strapped for alone time or time with Bodhi. Yes, we are tired. But, we have that veteran parent perspective that every moment is fleeting and the hard times will be a distant memory in days or weeks. It makes every day very manageable and even enjoyable. Can I add that I truly love parenting with my husband. He is a super hands on dad and is incredibly loving and kind. Such a fabulous partner in this.

Sadly, my husband went back to work on Monday and Bodhi is back in preschool. I’ll be writing about my thoughts on paternity leave soon as it was such a special time for our family.

Now that we’re on our own, Ezra and I are spending our days going on long walks outside, baby and mommy yoga, rocking, reading and playing in the nursery, sitting on the porch and babbling, tummy time, shopping trips and resting. I’m hoping to add running to the mix in the next few weeks as well. With Ezra being our second child and us only having a few hours each day without Bodhi, I feel a strong need to get things done when he naps, especially laundry, dishes and work projects.

To do that, I’ve had a little help. I’m excited to introduce you to Levana – a brand of high-tech, stylish and reliable baby video monitors that give parents the freedom to do more knowing their child is safe. Levana Ayden Video Monitor has helped me immensely. (more…)

Ezra is ONE month old already

For me, time is flying with baby number two. My husband is set to go back to work next week and this little guy is already a month old. We’ll be sharing our family photos in the coming weeks (we should get them sometime this week!) and the postpartum items I couldn’t live without too, but for now, I wanted to share a bit about our first month with Ezra and his 1-month-photos. (more…)

Lose the bottle for Driveway Happy Hour and other Summer events!

I’ve talked about my wonderful neighborhood on many occasions. In the summer, we enjoy Driveway Happy Hour every Friday night hosted by a different family. Children run around, play, ride bikes, kick balls, run through sprinklers and parents… well, parents enjoy an adult beverage and adult conversation in the comfort of our neighborhood. There is nothing better.

Several of my neighbor friends own “Mommy sippy cups” which are basically plastic wine glasses with a lid (like a sippy cup top). We like to keep it classy, but we also need to be practical. I mean, it’s happy hour. In a driveway. With kids. The odds of something breaking are pretty high.

That’s why Black Box Wine is the perfect addition to our weekly event. We hosted at my friend Megan’s house last week and shared Black Box Wines with all. I even had my first glass of wine since before I got pregnant with Ezra. It was lovely. (more…)

My postpartum experience plus the first three weeks as a family of four

Things have been quiet around here. I’m mostly just posting to Instagram, so keep in touch with us over there. I’ve been spending all of my time focused on our new baby, B and my husband, who is on paternity leave. I’m also hyper-focused on myself and my health to ensure that I handle any tough postpartum stuff before it gets out of control.

I’ve mentioned before, but have never fully shared my Postpartum Depression experience with our first baby. Without going into a ton of detail, I sobbed every day for nearly two months and had a hard time for another eight after that. This time, I planned in every way possible to avoid it, but also had a second plan for if I experienced it again. We had very actionable steps to take depending on how things were going. I’ve been lucky so far that I am doing remarkably well. So well, in fact, that I’m happy. Not just “getting by” or not experiencing PPD, I’m truly enjoying life.


Preparing for baby, baby necessities and sweet maternity photos

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Playtex, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #RefreshYourNursery  http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

Hello! It’s Tiffany here today. As I prepare for baby boy DeLangie I’m taking stock of all the baby gear I have and the items I still need.

One of the must-have items we’ve already taken care of is our Diaper Genie. Oh the diaper genie. I’m going to go ahead and tell you, we were pretty clueless first timers. First of all, I remember thinking we didn’t really “need” a genie. Mind you I brought Genevieve, my first child, home in December and I live in the Northeast. I suppose I was going to run outside in subzero temps 15 times a day with dirty diapers. Uh uh.   (more…)

Enjoying life with baby Ezra plus his first photos on the blog

Our sweet baby Ezra finally arrived two weeks past his due date on June 23. This time around, we carefully prepared our household for this big wonderful change in a different way.

With our first child, I had no idea what life would be like. This time, even though baby may have a different personality or other likes and dislikes, I feel prepared. I feel like I know the things that make each day practical and that’s where my husband and I put our energy for baby prep.

For me, having a cozy spot to set the baby down while I do things, sip coffee, play with him, read to him, shower etc… is key!

The Boppy® Newborn Lounger is the perfect place for wee ones to coo and kick in comfort. It is uniquely designed with a recessed interior perfect for a newborn’s bottom. A convenient carrying handle and lightweight design make this pillow a portable must-have. And because babies are cute, but messy, the easy-clean fabric means you simply wipe the cover clean after every oops. (more…)