Ezra newborn photos. BrothersFriends, having children has turned my type A personality into a big ball of stressful to-do lists in my mind, on my phone and on paper. Yuck! I’m always trying to stay ahead for our household and sometimes I fail. When I’m constantly strategizing or thinking of what’s next, I simply don’t enjoy life as much. I don’t get as much good time with my babies and my to-do lists steal my joy.

5 reasons why parental leave is so important.

I’ve recently made a few simple changes to help me to stay in the moment with my children to enjoy life more and stress less. They deserve it. I deserve it. Read More »


Meaningful within your means this holiday season #holidaymeans

The holidays can take a lot out of you and in the midst of all that joyful hustle and bustle, you can end up overspending. We’re working with SunTrust Bank again to help share ways you can be meaningful within your means. Any bank can talk to you about just money. SunTrust does more than that. It’s about depositing hope, instead of checks. And withdrawing stress, instead of cash. It’s about indulging in the currency of kindness. Because the things that mean the most to you, are well within your means. Time with family, the warmth of the season and cozy nights at home.

Meaningful within your means this holiday season #holidaymeans

As you know, I typically share gift guides around this time of year and this year will be no exception. I love holiday shopping and really enjoy buying for others, but just like everyone, I tend to overspend out of the excitement of the holiday season. This year I’m doing things differently.

SunTrust’s holiday budget worksheet is an awesome way to start your holiday planning.

As adults, most of our holiday memories are not about the gifts but the traditions and stories shared with families. SunTrust wants everyone to avoid the “holiday hangover” so you can start the New Year thinking of all the great new memories and not how much your credit card bill is going to be this month. Read More »


A Sauder bookshelf with a patterned wallpaper backing.

As you know, we’ve been taking on a lot of decorating and refurnishing projects in our home. Today I’m sharing a simple but very versatile addition to our home.

I love that Sauder furniture includes so many options with clean simple lines making nearly every piece extremely versatile. I ordered a simple white bookshelf from Sauder because I needed something in Ezra’s closet, in a spot in our family room and also by our front door and wanted the option of using it in any of these spaces. I also knew I wanted to attempt to wallpaper the back for an added pop of pattern and thought something clean and simple like this 3-shelf bookcase was a good choice. Read More »


Tracking PixelMaking our house a home for the holidays with Mrs. Meyers Clean Day #HomeGrownInspirationEver since Bodhi was born, I’ve been a stickler for using natural cleaning and household products whenever possible. Everything from cleaning supplies to hand soap to candles have changed to be more simple, healthy, environmentally friendly products. I’m excited to be working with Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® on this sponsored post. Minneapolis-based Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® products are my favorite cleaning products and candles.

Mrs. Meyers post (1 of 2)

We’ve used the dish soap, hand-soap and candles for years and recently picked up the holiday scented candles too. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® products are inspired by a Midwest backyard garden and include Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Basil, Geranium and many others making the products perfect for my Minnesota home.

Countertop photo

We’ve been working hard for a while to make our home a beautiful place of comfort, joy, peace, organization and most importantly, a practical and playful fun environment for our growing family.

Making our house a home for the holidays with Mrs. Meyers Clean Day (1 of 15)

We are in the middle of a big family room project. Think furniture, art, a cozy rug and all sorts of details to make our family room functional for a family of four including a 5-month-old baby and a 3-year-old. So creating a practical space is key, but I still want it to feel light, bright and beautiful. We’re about halfway done and still waiting on our sofas, rug and a few more things to arrive.

Making our house a home for the holidays with Mrs. Meyers Clean Day (4 of 15)

I’ve incorporated a lot of natural elements into our home because I think bringing nature in to our home helps create a clean, cozy environment and it definitely helps me survive winter in Minnesota. Our capiz shell light fixture, whitewashed pine table, birch wreath and whitewashed teak ladder are some of the big items we’ve added that are inspired by nature. And I’ve added plenty of cable knit blankets and pillows to make it cozy for winter. Read More »


Friends! I’m SO excited to introduce you to the new Live the Fancy Life today. We got a dramatic facelift on the blog that I’m thrilled to share with you. If you’re reading in your email, be sure to click through to see our site.

Live the Fancy Life branding boardI’ve been working with Ashley from The Blog Salon for months on this design, but with a new baby, things took a while. The design is simple, classic, timeless and I feel that it finally represents me and my lifestyle site. While I’ve paid to have a header done here and there, I’ve never had a custom design for this site. I was actually using a free template before. Yes, it was a pretty fabulous one, but this redesign feels like home.

View More:

Our yellow front door is one of my favorite features of our home. I love seeing it as we pull up to our house. It’s welcoming, comforting and bright. For me, it represents the blog in so many ways. Read More »


Most people have heard of Minted and their amazing photo cards. But, do you know that Minted also carries fantastic home decor items including art, fabric and more?

I have so many things from Minted on my wish list this year. The art selection is amazing and the prices are reasonable. My friend and I have both joked about our own homes. Her home is filled with “word vomit” as she affectionately calls it. My home is filled with “mirror vomit” as I penned in a text message conversation about art. I have 12 mirrors in my home right now. TWELVE! I always default to mirrors when I need to fill a large space. I think that we’ve both struggled to find large scale art for our homes that we love. Minted is my solution!

I recently purchased this print from Minted for our family room makeover and it is perfection. I love that all of the art comes in many sizes including very large sizes and you have the option of adding a frame which is a nice option when shopping for large art. Read More »


I’m all about celebrating the little things in life. Bodhi didn’t have school today because of conferences and with it being Halloween, I knew I had to do something fun and festive for breakfast.

Any excuse to celebrate is excuse enough for me. I also was sure to invite “Spiderman” to the table instead of Bodhi for extra fun.

I put together a simple breakfast of donuts and Silk Almond milk.

Bodhi has Silk for breakfast most days and pairing it with donuts makes for an extra special yet simple morning. Read More »


I’ve been sharing some sneak peeks of our family room in progress over on Instagram including the photo above. Be sure to follow us there. Today I wanted to share some of the big purchases we are making. There are a few more as well and the sofas are still questionable, but this is the main shopping list (clickable images).

The Target chairs were a steal with a $15 off coupon I used. We got them in grey instead of yellow and are adding some fun chairs to the head of the table soon too. I love that these chairs are a simple Scandinavian design and very washable. They come in several cute colors as well if you’re looking for a fun pop. I’m working on details and accessories and will share soon. Also, I’m so excited to decorate for the holidays. Is anyone else?

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Ezra is four months old today and is almost ready to be weaned from the swaddle. I’m excited for the next phase of pajamas with sleep sacks. So cute.

I love when my boys are cozy in pajamas at bedtime and in the mornings while I sip coffee, Bodhi eats his breakfast and Ezra plays on the floor (mostly eating his hands or pulling on his feet these days)!

Pajamas just look adorable and sweet on kids. Here are a few of my favorite pajamas for this fall. Next up will be holiday pajamas. My favorite!

Hanna Andersson is my newest favorite shop for pajamas. There are so many cute options. Love!

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