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hellobeautifulI’ve talked before about how much I love checking Groupon before buying absolutely anything, especially fun experiences! I was able to participate in a fabulous Plant Nite with several of my neighbors recently.  We planted succulents at a local restaurant as a ladies night out. So fun! We all saved a good amount of money by purchasing through Groupon.

Groupon for Health, wellness and beautyDid you know you can actually find Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons too? You could get a new look for fall with a fresh haircut and color at a discounted rate using Groupon. I love that you can find everything from those great haircut and color Groupons to products like memory foam mattress toppers and even Groupons for skydiving (my brother is an avid jumper) or a fun ladies night out like we did!

A few other favorites for us include going to the trampoline park with the kids using a Groupon, discounted frozen yogurt at our favorite frozen yogurt shop down the street, a discounted Fitbit and of course, a discounted visit to Crayola Experience here in Minnesota.

There are so many great options for things to do, services to enjoy and more using Groupon. Have you tried using Groupon before? What was your favorite experience?


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Game Day Fooball Snickers Crispers Brownies recipeIt’s officially football season. My husband is a huge fan and loves to have special food on game day. I put together these easy football brownies with SNICKERS® Crisper frosting for our crew.

Game Day Fooball Snickers Crispers Brownies recipeI chose to make the frosting a little extra special using SNICKERS® Crisper because it’s a delicious combo of crisped rice and peanuts topped with caramel and coated in milk chocolate. It adds a crunchy twist to our football brownie frosting. Read More »


Get out and play with ClifHaving young children has taught me the importance of some basics—sleep, nutrition and activity. I need exercise as much as my kids and they need to play. They sleep better, eat better and are so much happier when they get a lot of time to be physically active and simply play.

Get out and play with ClifCLIF Kid is with me. They agree that it’s vitally important to get kids to ‘Come out to play!’ It’s great for us all to get outdoors with our kids and teach them healthy habits. I think it’s pretty great for us too.

10 fun ways to get your kids physically active. Get out and play with ClifLuckily, my kids are little and really love being outside. We are working hard to make it our norm to be outside every day after school and almost all weekend long when it’s not winter here in Minnesota.

10 fun ways to get your kids physically active. Get out and play with ClifI’m a runner and active yogi. I bring my 5-year old on runs with me all the time. He started hardly being able to run a quarter of a mile and can now run 1.5 miles with me. We love staying physically active together.

10 fun ways to get your kids physically active. Get out and play with ClifTen fun ways to get kids to COME OUT TO PLAY!

  1. Family exercise. Family walks, bike rides and jogs are all great options. My 5-year-old loves to run, so we take the jogging stroller with us. He runs 1/4 mile, sits about another 1/4 mile and then runs again. It’s fun and great exercise. He’s gained confidence as he’s gained distance too!
  2. Run the fields! We love to go to our baseball and soccer fields just a half a block away. We run the bases or race the bases. We run the length of the field and then run back while kicking a soccer ball. We do it until all of us are tired or we’re just done. It’s super fun and both boys LOVE it!
  3. Play fetch! When I hosted a puppy party this summer for Ezra, I came up with a fun game of fetch. I put all of our balls in a bin. I had the kids all line up next to me. I threw each ball shouting which “puppy” was to go get the ball. I’d shout “Go fetch EZRA!” and Ezra would run for his ball. All of the kids would chase their ball and bring it back. We’d pretend to give them a treat and pet their heads and tell them they are “good puppies.” Oddly, kids from Ezra’s age (age 2) all the way up to our neighbor boy at age 12, enjoyed this game. We played it for nearly a half hour and they all ran a ton!
  4. Obstacle courses. There is nothing new about obstacle courses, but we love them! It can be as simple as running a certain path or as complicated as setting up a bunch of stations. We use our kid picnic benches, our playset, balls, scooters and more for our courses. All of the neighbor kids love doing these and I love putting them together. ;)
  5. Playground adventures. We love touring all kinds of parks, playgrounds and places of play in our own city and other cities. It’s incredibly fun and a great way to spend a Saturday morning. If you have older kids, have them meet a friend at a park. This is always a great way to get them active.
    10 fun ways to get your kids physically active. Get out and play with Clif
    Read More »

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Halloween Boo Kit funCan you believe that Autumn officially arrives next week?! As someone who lives in a snowy winter state, I always feel like our beautiful Fall days fly by and winter lasts forever. So, we savor every moment of Autumn. We decorate. We celebrate! We BOO!

Halloween Boo Kit ideasBefore moving into our neighborhood, I had never heard of BOO’ing until the day a treat bag and a fun note arrived at our door in October. Now, I can’t imagine fall without it!

Halloween Boo Kit ideas and printables.I’m so excited to share my BOO Kit setup plus a fun candy bar ghost cake pop recipe with American Greetings® and MARS candy today. We will certainly participate in our neighborhood BOO’ing, but today I wanted to share a few ideas to bring some Halloween fun to people that do so much for us. Are you ready?

Halloween Boo Kit ideas and printables.Who to BOO!

  • Your local police officers or firefighters.
  • Waste management-we always try to catch them when they come to avoid our gift going into the big garbage truck. :)
  • Mail carrier
  • Teachers
  • Shelters-you will need to contact the organization that runs the shelter first. Read More »


Thank you!I published a post yesterday that felt scary to me.

Friends, I’m blown away by all of the comments, Facebook comments, private messages, emails, texts and even phone calls from all of you after yesterday’s post.

Can I be honest? I see you. I see my numbers and I see you are all here, but I don’t know who you are.

There you are. Now I know. Thank you! Thank you offering me love and grace and kindness after a vulnerable and very personal post.

Thank you for sharing your stories of struggle and pain and mothering with me. Thank you for simply being here. Thank you!

All those posts out there about moms judging each other and mommy wars might have some truth, but here… here there is just support and love. Thank you!

I’ll be back to my regular posting soon, but you are going to be seeing a whole lot more reality here. Thank you for showing me that sharing can be scary and the right thing at the same time. So much love and peace to you, you lovely lovely souls!


Waking upReady for some vulnerability today, friends? Grab some coffee and let’s dive in. This is a hard one for me.

My perfectionism had driven me to be cold, distant, isolated and alone. I wanted everything in its place. I wanted our home to be the most beautiful place possible. I wanted a new kitchen island. I wanted new bathroom cabinets. I wanted a new sofa. If only our fireplace was prettier. I wanted to be a perfect mother with high energy, loads of great activities and always focused on the kids. I wanted to be the best wife, cooking healthy gourmet meals with grace. I wanted to be an amazing perfect friend, hosting parties like it was nothing and listening with my full attention when a friend spoke. I wanted dinners out with couples where we laughed and drank and woke up feeling lovely the next day. I wanted to be included in everything and being excluded added to my desire to be more perfect.

I couldn’t invite friends over without having my home professionally cleaned. I was afraid to be vulnerable and open with anyone. So I stayed closed.

I closed off from my family, my mom, my friends, my neighbors and even my husband in some ways. I went through the motions of life, but felt nothing but isolated, alone and drab. I wouldn’t call it depression in any way. But I was constantly striving for better, prettier, newer, cleaner and more perfect in every aspect of my life… my kids, my kids’ clothes, my home, my car, my clothes, my body, the food we ate, my work, our laundry and more.

When something happened to our car (my father-in-law shut the garage on it as we were backing out and it popped off the top thing covering the antenna), I couldn’t stand looking at it. I wanted it fixed immediately. I wanted everything fixed now and couldn’t see the beauty in what we had, only all of the flaws that were so obvious all around me, then I quickly became overwhelmed and burdened with the thoughts of fixing it all perfectly.

My to-do list grew and grew. My frustration grew too. My joy did not. My peace did not. I was exhausted in the most heavy way possible. I was irritable. I didn’t have energy to exercise, one of the things I probably needed most. My mind felt so heavy, so burdened with all of these superficial things, but they felt serious to me.

My 21-month-old sweet boy was still waking 4, 5, 6 times at night. To others, it was funny or unfortunate. To me, it was tragic. Night time was my worst fear. And I was so so so tired.

And then it happened. I was driving home from childcare with my children at the end of a long work day with lots of deadlines and my mind wandering. Suddenly my face and fingers went numb. My heart began racing and I had chest pain. I felt dizzy, light-headed and had tunnel vision. My body started shaking and I was filled with fear. I was confident that death was near but had no idea what was happening. I drove to the Emergency Room which was very close by. I was afraid I would crash the car on the way if I passed out because my body felt like it was done. Read More »


A pineapple and watermelon baby shower with a nod to Dirty Dancing. Today we celebrate one of my closest friends in the world and her baby boy who is expected to arrive towards the end of October. This blog post has the longest title in the seven years this blog has existed. I just had to entice you to read with the Dirty Dancing mention. ;) Watch for signs with a few clever phrases.

A pineapple and watermelon baby shower with a nod to Dirty Dancing. I cohosted this watermelon and pineapple baby shower with three of my other dear friends from High School. We’ve all been friends FOREVER! And I’m so grateful. These are the girls I do a trip with every couple of years and no matter how far apart we are (the mama-to-be lives in Baltimore), we stay close always and are there for each other when anyone has a need.

A pineapple and watermelon baby shower with a nod to Dirty Dancing. This past year has been a big year of change for this group of five ladies (babies born, personal challenges, job changes and more) so having a day to simply celebrate, enjoy each other and sip some bubbly was lovely! And I have to tell you. These women are the best ever to plan a shower with. They rocked so many aspects of the party, but especially the food which was quite the spread! Are you ready to see the details of this party?!

A pineapple and watermelon baby shower with a nod to Dirty Dancing. Read More »


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by ALDI through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about The Little Journey product line, all opinions are my own.

Summer Adventures. What's in my bag? With ALDI Little JourneyThe boys just had several weeks off from childcare and I took full advantage of my time with them. I love taking mini adventures with my guys on days off or after childcare and work.
Summer Adventures. What's in my bag? With ALDI Little JourneyI always have my bag packed and ready to go to a park, water park, pool, lake, zoo, arboretum, an impromptu play date with friends and other great adventures in our area.

Bodhi, Ezra, Sejal & Priyana (8 of 19)I often find that the impromptu get-togethers and adventures are truly the ones we all enjoy most! Wandering and exploring is so fun for kids!
Summer Adventures. What's in my bag? With ALDI Little JourneyI want to show you the simple way I keep my bag packed so I’m ready to take advantage of any fun opportunities that come our way.

Summer Adventures. What's in my bag? With ALDI Little JourneyWhat’s in my bag?
Here are my favorite products to help me get through a busy day with my toddler and my big boy.
Summer Adventures. What's in my bag? With ALDI Little Journey Read More »


“You’re off to great places. Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting so get on your way.” -Dr. Seuss

First day of Kindergarten BodhiOur sweet Bodhi started Kindergarten today. He was excited and ready.

Frist day of Kindergarten (2 of 9)It feels like the world says I should be sad today. I’m ok. I’m so at peace with where we are. There is something amazing about watching your children grow into strong, kind, compassionate, smart, independent people.

Fall family photosThere are waves of sadness and even sometimes tears when you are a mama. Acceptance of change can be tough and watching your babies grow can hurt the heart a bit, can’t it?

Baby BodhiToday though, I’m happy. I worry about the bus and about him finding his way. But I also feel a great sense of joy and community as we wait at the bus stop with our neighbors and we all watch our little ones go off on the bus to the same school. I received several incredibly kind and thoughtful messages from other mamas of kindergarteners and those who will have kindergarteners next year. Community is amazing. Read More »